IT Recruiting Consulting

Good IT needs good talent

We focus on the person.
not just the talent!

We take into account not only the technical requirements and individuality of your company, but also the background, culture and preferred work environment of the applicant.

Thus, through us you will not only reach employees you would like to hire, but also those who would like to work for you immediately! ReQuest stands for qualitative and efficient IT recruiting and consulting .

We get things done our way

Our software development group itself had problems finding suitable IT talent.

So we decided to set up our own company to solve this issue. We believe that you cannot find the right employees with pure CV scanning, nor with special “AI algorithms” – rather, a combination of personal exchange, trust and technical know-how is crucial to find the perfect match.

Due to our success story so far, we have decided to step outside our client base to offer you the opportunity to join the network of now 30+ IT partner companies we are currently working with.



Contact is established between ReQuest and your company.

Requirement Assessment and Briefing

We develop a precise understanding of your requirements.


Together with our team we analyze your requirements.


We source the right candidates tailored to your company and your requirements.


Finally we introduce you to the suitable candidates and it will be up to you to make the decision.


Your new employee will be at your disposal as soon as the service contract is signed.

Our Models

Classic Model

  • Short-term need for qualified workers
  • Long term solutions also available
  • Fair price and payback models

Partner Model

  • Long-term need for qualified workers
  • Fair price and payback models
  • Numerous benefits such as “Business & Friends” events, corporate marketing
  • Special conditions based on this package

Freelancer for companies

You want to lead your IT project to the peak of success and are looking for someone who knows the road there, like the back of his/her hand?

Every peak and path to get there, are different, just like your IT project is unique.

Our freelancers are usually not actual mountaineers, but highly trained and experienced IT professionals who are hands-on developers, architects and team-players.
They know the pitfalls, input and also the path needed for the successful completion of an IT project.

We accompany you in finding the right “mountain guides” for your individual IT endeavor!

Your benefits

Due to our excellent network within the freelance sector, we are able to provide you very quickly with
solutions for project peaks, change processes, strategic inquiries as well as for special
technical requirements.


We design “no-frills” processes and contracts and care a lot about transparency in our collaborations.

Cooperative partnership

With the goal of a long-term partnership, we work in contracting with fair margins and remain your personal consultant in the long run.

Uncomplicated processes

We design “no-frills” processes and contracts and care a lot about transparency in our collaborations

Service orientation

We support you before, during and after signing the contract. 

Fast solutions

Within only a few days, you will receive our solutions and suitable candidate profiles.

Technical and industry expertise

Our consultants have many years of experience. As a result, we understand your needs and can approach the right candidates.

Your way to the peak of the summit

Erfolreich sein in IT Jobs Wien

Our three cooperation models have a goal:
Your successful project!

When hiring a freelancer, the following three relevant steps arise:

The search for the professional (freelancer).
The creation of a legal framework (including “bogus self-employment”).
The billing of the service (usually monthly).

You can choose between one of our three service models according to your needs and experience level.

The "lean" approach

as we exclusively source the candidates for you and you in turn contract them directly. You pay the “Finders Fee” to us exclusively on a monthly, output and contract dependent basis.

The "classic" approach

Where we accompany you along every step of the way. From the search to the
compliance check, the drafting of the contract, and the
invoicing. Everything goes hand in hand.

The "individual" approach

which is usually found in the corporate environment. You have your own framework agreements, your own billing systems and do not conclude direct contracts with individual freelancers. You can speak of a kind of symbiosis here, in which we adapt to your circumstances, but also adjust things to make freelancing possible for your company.