Good IT needs good talent

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IT Recruiting Consulting

Good IT needs good talent

We focus on the person.
not just the talent!

Besides evaluating the technical skills of a person, we focus on the individual themselves assessing their background, personality, and preferred working environment to find a synergistic fit.

As a result, we don’t just find talent you can hire, but the right talent that wants to work enthusiastically for you!

We get things done our way

Our software development joint venture had their own problems finding suitable IT talent.

So, we decided to provide a solution by founding ReQuest GmbH.

We believe that no CV scanning tools or AI algorithms can replace the personal interaction and evaluation that successful recruiting requires. We base all our stakeholder collaborations on high transparency, trust, and professional competence.



Contact is established between you and ReQuest

Requirement Assessment and Briefing

We develop a precise assessment of your requirements based on clear briefings.


Together with our team we analyze your requirements.


We scout the right candidates according to your requirements.


We will introduce you to suitable candidates. You have the final say.


You are good to go as soon as the service contract is signed

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