The 3 in 1 Service

ReQuest is a joint venture of an established international group of companies, a renowned IT security company and a young, innovative and dynamic Austrian startup team. We are active in both the private and public sector and provide specialists, both for permanent positions and on a freelance basis.

We live our brand!

We prioritize our partner collaborations and always strive to achieve mutual benefits for our clients as well as candidates.

In doing so we focus on the individual behind the CV and pay full attention to the personality and soft skills as well as evaluate the hard skills required for the position.


because this is the basis of an equal, successful and sustainable business relationship.



in a broader focus! Because matching purely on the basis of required skills and experience without taking individuality & personality into account does not bring a sustainable and optimal solution.



because our core competence and success factor lies in a holistic assessment of the company and candidate needs. By holistic, we always mean the personal, human, technical and cultural levels – as well as all other individual requirements on the part of both the client and the candidate.


Here's who to blame


The creative one

Falk often compares himself to the knight of chess. He doesn’t shy away from taking the off-beaten path to reach his goal and welcomes new challenges. Through his analytical way of thinking, he solves problems before others realize there are any. In his free time, he spends a lot of time climbing walls and riding boards. His Motto: “You have to be extreme”.

The strategist

Michael likes to look at the big picture. Numbers are important to him but even more so is a sustainable qualitative business that acts fast and provides flexible solutions to the customer. In his free time, he enjoys spending time with friends skiing, hiking, sailing, or doing any kind of outdoor activity. He draws energy from the exchange with people, both in and out of work.


Recruitment Consultant

“Ex nihilo nihil fit” – “from nothing comes nothing”, is the life energy with which Helene starts each day. Conscientiousness and technical competence paired with female intuition give her the necessary power in her job, but of course it can also be light once in a while, so she likes to spend her time in nature and gets her energy from yoga at the lake.

Senior Recruitment Consultant

Daniela is a boundless free spirit and so the focus of her existence is freedom in all areas. She believes nothing is impossible if you have the will and faith in your goals. The sun revitalizes her so you can always find her hanging out by the sea in her spare time. In turn she is always happy to share her positive energy with the people around her.

Managing Consultant Engineering

Michael is the one with the green thumb in our team. Just as his little friends, he loves being by the water and the sun. He doesn’t let bad weather get to him and it’s the same attitude he carries in his work, defying all odds on his path.
It has long been clear to Michael that nature and engineering do not have to contradict each other. He is passionate about both topics and combines them in his spare time when he builds small self-sustaining ecosystems.


Senior Recruitment Consultant - Operations

Thanks to his empathy, lateral thinking and humour, Antoni inspires our clients and candidates again and again. As a valued colleague, he supports the ReQuest Team by recruiting in IT Operations. If you’re lucky, you might even get a chance to look behind his poker face.

Recruitment Consultant

As a PR expert and recruiter, Karin always finds new and innovative solutions to any challenges. Her passions include people, communication, nature, and good food. She can always give you a great tip for the latter.

Junior Recruitment Consultant - Operations

Haris is a psychologist, but don’t worry, he’s not here to read your mind. His focus is on organizational & business psychology. Having been enthusiastic about technology since his childhood, Haris now connects IT talents with cool companies. He believes in the power of direct and open communication, and his cheerful spirit will definitely make you smile.

Recruitment Consultant - Data Science

Her open-minded and positive nature makes Lin a natural networker. Thanks to her multi-cultural background, extensive experience in tourism and hospitality, and linguistic talent, it’s easy for her to bring different people together, whether on a personal or professional level. For balance, Lin is a passionate Yogi and psychology aficionado.

Managing Consultant (Freelance | Perm)

Tomi is a Nokia 3310 turned human. Hard to get, reliable, top battery, no unnecessary features, top sound quality and works according to the motto “Connecting People”. Furthermore, the ‘T’ does not only stand for Tomi but also for team cause he believes that everyone plays their part to achieve collective success. In his free time you can find Tomi playing basketball, in the gym, at the sea or hiking up a mountain.

Junior Recruitment Consultant

Frederic finds his drive in the exchange with people and always manages to solve a problem with his charisma and a portion of know-how. He has been around a lot, seen a lot and is still enthusiastic about finding new things and making the impossible possible together with his team.